SEPTA: The Philadelphia Underground, part III

When I wrote my first two posts on SEPTA, I was still in WNC, six hundred miles from my beloved Philadelphia, and could not provide the pictures that I wanted, but no more!  In the past few days, I was able to snap a few decent pictures (and quite a few awful pictures of nothing but darkness) while under the streets of Philly.

The tunnels beneath Philadelphia City Hall are some of the dingiest pedestrian tunnels I’ve been in the city.

The area under City Hall is also full of these exit only turnstiles.

This was the only decent pictures I was able to get of an actual subway tunnel, which is a shame, for there were some pieces of tunnel that I passed that would have made good pictures if only I had been in the tunnel itself, rather than going past in a trolley car.  The next time you’re riding in any sort of subway, keep an eye out for dark, unmarked doorways in the tunnel walls.  The sensible part of me knows that they’re access doors for the people who have to do construction and maintenance in the tunnels, but the interesting part of me can think up a million better purposes.

It’s rather difficult not to look shady when walking around underground taking pictures of random things.  There were several pictures that I didn’t get because I was being stared at by people, including a few of the restricted access areas that I’d stumbled into in the past by accident but had specifically aimed myself towards with the aim of taking pictures this time.  If you want to take some better, more daring pictures, feel free, but, as always, I’m not at fault for what you do to get yourself in trouble with the authorities.  Still, try to send me some pictures if you can get them.


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