Opportunities (with Pictures)

Sometimes I go out looking for things to inspire me, sometimes I research a place and go there if I can, sometimes I just stumble into an opportunity to go someplace potentially inspiring.  Recently, I had that last thing happen to me, being taken to “the zombie basement,” the basement of a warehouse art-space where one of my friends does a lot of his creating.  I did have enough warning about going that I could grab my camera, and now you can reap the benefits as well.

Outside, it’s a gorgeous almost-spring day.  The sun is shining and people are sitting out on their front steps, taking in one of the first warm days after a long, harsh winter.  The temperature drops several degrees as soon as I step through the warehouse door, and begins to creep further downward as I descend the steps into the basement.  I duck reflexively as I go through the doorway, panning the beam of my flashlight across the dank room in front of me, my ears sensitive to the slightest sound, lest it be the last that I hear.  What is revealed to me piecemeal by the light of my flashlight and the bursts of my camera flash looks like the set of a horror movie or the cramped vistas of a nightmare, but the credits won’t roll on this place, and I’m already awake.

Pictures after the break.

It’s likely that bits of this basement will appear in my fiction, for it’s the sort of place which made me deeply uncomfortable yet compelled me to continue father into the dark corners so I could see everything there was to see.  This is the sort of place that I seek out to inspire my writing, and I recommend seeking out similar places if you need to help get the mood right for a dark piece of urban fantasy.  Of course, don’t do anything illegal to find this sort of place, and if you feel the need to break the law anyway, don’t get caught.

If it’s a really awesome illegal place, though, and you get away with it, I want pictures.


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