Urban Phantasy Links: Two New Market Openings

For those of you in my audience who are writers, I’ve got a couple of tips to pass along.  The first is that Dreams of Decadence has recently been revived by publisher Warren Lapine and editor Angela Kessler.

Via Locus:

. . .  While previously devoted to vampire fiction, the new incarnation will focus on urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Submission guidelines are available at the Dreams of Decadence website.

The second piece of news is a little bit more current.  Urban fantasy and steampunk author Ekaterina Sedia will be editing a were-creature anthology for Prime Books.  Entitled Bewere the Night, the collection is scheduled for a May 2011 publication, and the submission deadline is 31 December 2010.  More details can be found through the listing on Duotrope’s Digest.

I hope this provides some added impetus for you to get cracking on your writing and revising.


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