Brandon Sanderson, You Magnificent Bastard

For someone who seems to dispense advice quite regularly, it would seem that I could stand to take that advice a bit more often.  Any writer will tell you that you need to read assiduously, both in and outside of the genres within which you write.  On that subject, though I may be just a little late to the party, I just finished Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson.

So why mention it here?  This blog is ostensibly about urban fantasy, not epic fantasy.  Well, in my reading of Mistborn, I came across a perfect illustration of the point made by Urban Phantasy reader (and all-around awesome person) Penguin in response to my post about sex and romance.

Without giving too much away, there is a romantic subplot that runs through a significant portion of Mistborn. While one could argue that this subplot is fulfilled by the end of the book, it should be noted that the characters involved never even kiss, though they come close.  Nevertheless, I was satisfied.  Was this because I know there are still two more books?  I’m sure that that contributes, but I would still be fairly happy if Mistborn were a standalone novel.  Sanderson is a canny author and knows enough about the rules (or guidelines) which I seem to write so much about that he can break them.  I think it will still be some time before I can come to terms with how Sanderson does what he does with this subplot, but in the mean time, I recommend that any of you who haven’t already read Mistborn go and do so post-haste.


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