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Expanding Goals

You may have noticed that, as I continue to write for this blog, its content has expanded beyond solely Philadelphia-centered topics.  Writing advice, reviews, and general musings slip in more and more, and to deny the validity of such material would be to deny this blog some good content.

The main goal, as always, is to highlight the weird and wonderful in Philly and how such things can be incorporated into urban ph/fantasy, but new material is sometimes hard to find, especially when I’m spending so much time at school away from Philadelphia.  Whatever I post, though, it is still my goal for such content to relate, at least peripherally, to the world of urban fantasy and urban fantasy-writing.

If there’s something in particular you’d like me to cover or a question which you’d like answered, hit me up in the comments thread and I’ll do my level best.


H. B. B.


More from the Underground

Though in recent months, I’ve moved away from topics which may inspire writing somewhat, I haven’t forgotten my goals.  To that end, this cable-lacking author only just turned up a History Channel show which may be of interest to Urban Phantasy readers, Cities of the Underworld. I’m often inspired by the things which are unseen, the places that most people don’t go, and I’m always looking around for new, interesting bits of information to further inform my writing.

Part of the second series of CotU can be found on Hulu, but they lack the first-series episode which, in part, concerns Philadelphia.  Regardless, the show is at least worth a look.  Who knows, inspiration may strike you halfway through an episode and send you scrambling for a pad and pen, lest your muse abandon you.

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