Not Really an Update

This isn’t a proper update; sorry.  The first draft of my senior portfolio is due in a week, and I’ve still got to worry about revisions and my senior reading after that, so don’t take this as a resumption of regular posts.

What this is is a bit of a call to action.  Christopher Salmon is an indie filmmaker who wants to do a cg film of Neil Gaiman’s “The Price.”  To do that, he needs money.  Mr. Gaiman can say these things a lot better than I can, so you can read what he has to say.

If you’re unfamiliar with “The Price,” which appears in Gaiman’s 2001 collection, Smoke and Mirrors, you can listen to it online.

WordPress doesn’t like to play nice with iframe objects as far as I can tell, so you can find the kickstarter page for “The Price” here.


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