On the Subject of Cthulhu

So apparently Cthulhu’s been having a resurgence lately?  With the circles that I run in, it’s really hard to tell.  For those not in the know, Cthulhu is a squid-headed, dragon-bodied being from beyond the outer planets of our solar system who currently lies dead, or just sleeping, deep beneath the seas in the sunken city of R’lyeh, waiting until the time when the stars are right, at which point he/she/it will awaken and, being really hungry after sleeping/being dead for so long, devour everyone in sight.  Or so the story goes; you’d have to ask Howard Phillips Lovecraft to get it straight.

Anyhow, it seems silly to have a blog about urban fantasy and not mention Cthulhu somewhere.  I mean, I love Cthulhu.  Dude sits in my car and keeps watch over my shifter.  Really.

It came to my attention that Cthulhu, and the works of Lovecraft in general, are seeing something of a resurgence because of today’s lesson on Surviving the World, which, in turn, led me to this helpful diagram:

If there was an original point to this post, other than to make more people aware of Tie-thulhu, I don’t know what it was, other than maybe to say that, yes, my writing is informed by Lovecraft and yes, I am a dork.


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