Monthly Archives: September 2011

More Tools for Writers

Sorry there haven’t been any real, substantial posts from me in a while, but two posts in the past week-ish is better than nothing, right?

I was recently made aware of a useful tool called the Everchanging Book of Names, a shareware (Windows only, sadly) program that can generate random names based on the structures and phonemes of various languages.  This is great if you, like me, sometimes need a character name right now, and usually get bogged down if you can’t get one quickly.

Not all of the program’s features are available unless you register it, which costs $10, but the free features are useful enough that I’m not too bothered by the things that are locked out.  After all, I really don’t know what I’m missing.

Credit where credit is due, I wouldn’t have found this tool if it hadn’t been mentioned in a recent episode of Writing Excuses.


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