When You’ve Made it as a Writer

I was pointed to this list by Twitter a few days ago–I can’t recall exactly, but I think it might have been either Brandon Sanderson or Dan Wells who posted it–and I’d been meaning to share it, but I just kept doing other things instead.  Here it is now, anyway.

I find these sorts of lists interesting because, in general, they come from people who disqualify themselves.  Most of the real writers who talk about what that means just say that you know you’re a writer when you write.  I like this list because it gets to that same point, but it shows all those people who would discount themselves for one reason or another that they shouldn’t be discounting themselves.

The last point is, I would say, the most poignant, and I’d say that if you’re not satisfied calling yourself a writer simply because you write, that point should be your sole metric.


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