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Coming to an Unusual Location Near You

Obscura Day is a holiday that never occurred to me, but it absolutely perfect. From their website:

Obscura Day is an international celebration of unusual places. It is a day of expeditions, back room tours, & exploring hidden wonders in your own hometown.

On Obscura Day thousands of people, all over the world, go out and explore interesting and unusual places. Sometimes we organize the event, sometimes folks organize it themselves! Over the past two years nearly 10,000 people have attend over 200 different events on Obscura Day.

Obscura Day is on Saturday, the 28th of April, just two weeks from now.  There are four official events being held in Philadelphia, at Eastern State, the Art Museum, Mount Pleasant Mansion, and Laurel Hill Cemetery.  All of these events will cost you something, but there are loads of free things you can do that hold to the spirit of the day.  In some ways, I would actually say that the things you can do by yourself hold more to the spirit of the day, since they’re more likely to be off the beaten path than, say, Eastern State, which pretty much everyone in Philadelphia has at least seen from the outside.

That said, I would rather fancy having a tour around Chislehurst Caves, southeast of London.

Image via Boing Boing.

Who knows, maybe I’ll have an Obscura Day adventure myself and post pictures here.  If you know a site that you’ve always meant to explore but could never quite make the time, take the upcoming holiday to have that adventure, and please, take some pictures so you can share your adventure with others.


Howard Phillips Has a Posse

Okay, the joke may have been done somewhere else already, but I couldn’t help it.

The first person to paste this poster to a wall and show photographic evidence will get 1,000 internets and a stern talking to because vandalism is wrong.

(Did You Hear That? They Shut Down the Main Reactor.) We’ll Be Destroyed for Sure.

Doom!  Gloom!  Stormtroo–wait, no, zombies!  Zombies!  If you’ve ever wondered how well you might fare in a zombie apocalypse, there’s a new tool to add to your arsenal now: the Map of the Dead.

It was inevitable, really.  The Map of the Dead uses Google Maps and its associated API to overlay crucial survival information over maps of, well, anywhere.  The red zones are, obviously, more dangerous, with the dark red cemeteries being the most dangerous, while the black areas of the map are allegedly safer.  Given that the dark areas on the map nearby my current location are still pretty densely populated, I’d debate their assessment somewhat, but your mileage may vary.

Whatever the case, this is certainly a neat site, whether you take the threat of a shambling apocalypse seriously (and some of you readers already know how bad shamblers can be) or just want to use this as a tool to flesh out your next horror RPG.

EDIT: Further food for thought (you see what I did there?)

A New Project

I know, I know, updates here are sporadic at best, but whatever.  I’m pleased to announce my new online project, Flash in the Pan.

Flash in the Pan is a blog for writing and art, a place where ideas don’t have to be fleshed out perfectly before they get on paper (or the screen).  It’s also a collaborative project with some of my fellow Wilsonites.  For me, it’s a creative outlet for ideas that have been milling around in my head but which I haven’t gotten out anywhere else and which I feel aren’t in keeping with my stated directions for this site.  For my co-contributors?  Each has their own reasons for joining me in this.  There’s a few pieces up already, and more will be coming soon, so check it out.

EDIT: I just wanted to clarify that just because I’ve started this new project doesn’t mean that I’m in any way abandoning this site–Urban Phantasy and Flash in the Pan are two different entities with different goals.

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