(Did You Hear That? They Shut Down the Main Reactor.) We’ll Be Destroyed for Sure.

Doom!  Gloom!  Stormtroo–wait, no, zombies!  Zombies!  If you’ve ever wondered how well you might fare in a zombie apocalypse, there’s a new tool to add to your arsenal now: the Map of the Dead.

It was inevitable, really.  The Map of the Dead uses Google Maps and its associated API to overlay crucial survival information over maps of, well, anywhere.  The red zones are, obviously, more dangerous, with the dark red cemeteries being the most dangerous, while the black areas of the map are allegedly safer.  Given that the dark areas on the map nearby my current location are still pretty densely populated, I’d debate their assessment somewhat, but your mileage may vary.

Whatever the case, this is certainly a neat site, whether you take the threat of a shambling apocalypse seriously (and some of you readers already know how bad shamblers can be) or just want to use this as a tool to flesh out your next horror RPG.

EDIT: Further food for thought (you see what I did there?)


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