Howard Tayler, author of the webcomic Schlock Mercenary, is one of my favorite people on the internet. His story, the opening of which is excerpted, is not a Schlock story. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it or buy this book, though.

Support independent publishers, and push this thing up the lists, yo.

Monster Hunter Nation

This is the intro to Howard Tayler’s story Flight of the Runewright in the Space Eldritch anthology.  Tune in here on Monday so we can Book Bomb the hell out of this. The goal is to sell as many books in one spot, in one day, as possible, in order to bump them up on the sales list. (and hey, I even wrote the forward!)

This thing is straight up horror, and it just gets creepier until the end. This was the story that hooked me when I was alpha reading. So here is your free sample. You want the rest? Check back Monday and let’s give these guys a good sales boost.


There is a click, soft and silvery, at my throat. The black velvet bag over my head is now locked in place, and I won’t be able to see a damned thing until I’m…

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