Clarkesworld and You

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If you are a fan of science fiction and fantasy, which I hope many of you are, then you may well know of Clarkesworld already.  Some of you may even be citizens or subscribers.  To that group, I say, “Good on you; feel free to move along.”  If you’re not in that camp, here’s the skinny: Clarkesworld is an online magazine publishing science fiction and fantasy short stories, and it has won two Hugos and a Nebula for doing so.  That’s quite a feat.  It also pays its authors quite well–$0.10/word (double the minimum SFWA professional rate) for the first 4000 words, and $0.05/word thereafter.  And you can read all these stories for free.

Neil Clarke, the man behind the magazine, has not been having a particularly good year of it.  He is also, from what I understand, one of the nicer people in the genre.  John Scalzi will vouch for him, and I’m generally inclined to believe Scalzi.

So what can you do?  Well, you can subscribe to the magazine and have it delivered electronically to your device of choice for less than the smallest cup of coffee Starbucks will sell you each month.  You can also just straight-up donate to Clarkesworld and become a citizen.

FYI, while I have submitted many pieces to Clarkesworld, I have not been published there, nor am I getting any sort of monetary compensation for this.  I subscribe to the magazine because I believe it is one of the finest examples the genre has to offer, and because I want it to stick around long enough that I might someday get myself into its pages.


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