Kickstart a Writing Prompt (That’s Also a Cool-Looking Card Game)

On the heels of my last post about using the game Man Bites Dog as a tool for writers comes this: Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination.  If you read many webcomics, you’ve probably run across Wondermark, by David Malki! once or twice; you may even read it regularly.  You may also have heard about the anthology Machine of Death, which topped the Amazon charts a couple of years ago.  It’s a collection of stories based around the idea of a machine that can accurately predict your death but often has a twisted sense of humor–you might, for instance, get the prediction “Free Falling” and attempt to cheat the machine by never again flying, only to be trampled to death by concert-goers during Tom Petty’s classic.

Sample picture of what you get with the physical copy of the game [via Kickstarter]

I could try to tell you all about the game that’s being made based on this premise, but I’ve never played the thing, so I’ll let the game’s creators, who have actually played the game, tell you more (I was trying to embed the video, but after working for half an hour, I’ve decided that it’s just not worth it–, take note).

The game has already funded at this point, so there’s no risk of being disappointed that the thing doesn’t fund.  Just put down your money to help make the game even more awesome.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with this project.  I am not getting anything by plugging the project here other than any additional stretch goals that get unlocked if any of you help overfund the game.  I have put my money where my mouth is and helped back this game because, seriously, it looks awesome.


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