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Writing in the Face of Rejection

Recently, over on SFWA’s site, there was posted a column by Tobias S. Buckell on the subject of rejection (something that, as writers, we all must face and face again).  I’m not going to re-hash it for the sake of making this appear to be a more substantial post, but I will say that the column is well worth your time.

I’m not the best one to talk about persevering in the face of rejection, nor can I really talk about writing every day–I haven’t touched any of my stories in what I consider a shamefully long time, certainly not since I moved, maybe not even since I was promoted.  I will say, though, that it is good advice, and that it does make me feel better when I do keep up with my writing.

So, since I’m not really providing you with much in the way of original content of my own, I’ll instead leave you with a picture of a cat.


All for the pageviews.


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