Ok, yes, late to the party.  Right here.  Mock me, internet.

But if you haven’t heard of Storium yet, read on.

Storium is a freeform group writing roleplaying game.  No dice, no stack of rulebooks, just story, moderated by a narrator.  It’s one of those things where machine versus man…


If you’re a narrator, you get to guide players through a story that you’re all writing together.  It’s like being a DM, only a lot more open, and better if you don’t plan too far ahead.

If you’re a player, you are telling the story, too.  You make it happen.

Oh, and a lot of famous authors are writing settings for the game when it launches publicly later this year.

While I’ve written about other games being good as writing prompts before, Storium is far and away the best game-as-a-gateway-to-writing.  I’m just starting a game with some of my close friends to get a feel for what Storium has to offer while conveniently getting their help to hash out some ideas I’ve had around a set piece.

Storium is on Kickstarter.  It’s funded.  They’re trying to make it to $200K in the next two days so that they can do Storium for Schools, which seems like an awesome idea.

Be there.

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