Puppy Thoughts

My partner and I were talking about the Puppies, Sad, Rabid, or otherwise, over a meal this weekend and she, as she has so often in the past, expressed surprise over the fact that “Social Justice Warrior” gets bandied about as an insult among the puppies, the Gomer Goats, the MRAs, the meninists, and their like.

“Hell yeah, I’m a Social Justice Warrior!” were, I believe, her exact words.

Which brought her to this thought for the puppies: Yes, there is a left-leaning cabal of Social Justice Warriors.  But.  But they aren’t particularly secret, and, to use her words, “they don’t care about your little fan-club.”

I don’t for a second believe in the narrative of the SMOFs.  But I do know of a cabal of generally left-leaning Social Justice Warriors.  Many of them belong to NASW, the National Association of Social Workers.  And they professionally don’t give two fucks about the Puppies and their little fan-club.  There’s more than enough shit that needs fixing in the world.

Do I think diversity and representation in fiction, and especially in SFF is important?  Hell yes, I do.  Do I think that should be represented in the genre’s biggest awards?  Yes, provided that the nominated and winning works are there because they’re good, rather than making appearances to advance a political agenda.  Not that I think inclusiveness and diversity is a particularly political stance.  It should be the default.  Gaming the system to force a slate in most categories that conforms to a largely politically-homogenous, largely SWM default worldview is childish, and claiming that it is not politically-motivated is either extremely naive or just plain dishonest.

To those puppies who claim that their slate isn’t political, all I can ask is that you refrain from shitting on my plate and calling it a fudge brownie.

So, for those of you, like me, who usually use the Hugo ballot as a recommended reading list, here are some suggestions:

  • Try the book and short-fiction reviews in Locus, if you don’t already.
  • Check out Sunil @ghostwritingcow Patel’s book reviews over at Lightspeed.
  • Check out the blogs and twitter feeds of authors you already like.

For those who are interested specifically in reading authors who are not SWMs, Sunil has stated that he will not review them in Lightspeed because they already get reviewed enough elsewhere.

As per usual, but especially since we’re talking about puppies, comments will be moderated.  I don’t tolerate bullshit.  Be nice.


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