Monthly Archives: October 2017

Sunset is Such a Pretty Word

Urban Phantasy isn’t going to disappear. But I’m not likely to post here much more.

This may not be terribly shocking, given the dearth of posts here in recent… years, really. Still, I wanted to make the announcement, rather than just abandoning this blog as I’ve seen happen in the past.

More practically, my web presence is pretty spread out. In the past, if you went to my website wanting to read my blog, you’d get a link back to here, but I wasn’t consistent on putting news here; that mostly still lived back on the old site. Not Great.

Back in March, I started working on redoing my website. I wrote about that here.

I’ve been somewhat more consistent about blogging there. Once a week-ish, I put up some thoughts. There are still some kinks to work out, but it’s getting there.

As of yesterday, my site,, has re-launched on new hosting and with a new, hopefully faster and easier to use design. It’s even responsive. (Basically.)

So, thanks for reading for all these years.


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