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How I Work

So I’ve done a lot of talking (writing, really, I suppose) about how I have my work environment set up, but pictures/words truism.  So.

2014-02-18 16.46.12Yes, this is my desk at work, and no, this isn’t where I do much writing (save banging out the occasional 0.5K at lunch), but it is where I spend most of my time in front of a screen.  Well, three screens, but you get the point.  Honestly, if I had the time and money to get my office set up like this at home, I probably wouldn’t do much differently, although I don’t think that I really need three monitors at home, nor would having two different keyboards and three pointing devices be as useful there.  The point is that I’ve had some time to tweak my space to my liking–what you see in this picture represents about a year of experimentation since moving to a standing desk.  Will it always look like this?  Maybe not.  Will it keep evolving as my needs change?  Absolutely.  That’s what’s important: the ability to adapt, both in your work space and in your practices and approaches to the craft and business of writing.


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